We offer a continuous pathway that makes computer science accessible, provides real-world career opportunities, and fosters community.

We do things differently to get things done.

In the classroom

We offer a summer program for first- and second-year college students that exposes them to the entire digital product development life cycle including coding, digital product design, UX research and more to incent them to take an Introduction to Computer Science class when they start or return to college in the fall. We also provide increased access to introductory computer science courses, faculty workshops and faculty grants to our academic partners.

In the workplace

We connect program participants with companies offering tech careers through our Winternship program. Students can participate in the paid, 2-3 week internship experience during their winter recess. More than 80 companies have hosted some 500 winterns in the past three years. We also offer a career readiness program providing training on resume building, brand development, behavioral and technical interview preparation, and more.

In the community

We create peer-to-peer networks and offer professional mentorship opportunities that support, engage, and motivate people on their path into tech careers. We also host discussion panels, workshops, and other events featuring prominent people in tech on academic campuses and at corporate offices throughout the year.

See one way we work with industry partners

Each winter recess, in just 2-3 weeks, our unique Winternship program changes lives. Watch this video to learn more about what happened at Mastercard.